There is no science without Christianity

To have scientific advancement and an advanced society you need a few things.

  1. You need a belief in a stable, knowable universe.
  2. You need to know there are laws and a cohesive long-term plan behind that universe.
  3. You need a moral belief that it is your duty to study and communicate the nature of that universe.

To meet these conditions, you need a moral, monotheistic, all-mighty God behind the universe. Why? If the universe is chaotic, there is no point in studying it, because what is true today is not going to be true tomorrow. Indeed it would not occur to anyone to study such a universe. If there are many gods with capricious human-like natures, as in most polytheistic religions, then the state of things will depend on the whims of one of many gods at a given time and place. If there is no plan behind the universe and no moral compunction to know it then there is no reason why the universe should be stable, and no-one would bother to expend the needed resources or risk upsetting the status quo, often for little or no short term reward, to find the truth.

Christianity is the only religion to meet these requirements. But what about Islam? You could see Islam as a heretical Christian sect that made much of its largely defunct contribution through Christians under dhimmi status. But what about atheist scientists? Where effective, they are operating under an implicit Christian worldview. Without Christianity this worldview will fade with time, causing their science to devolve into nonsense, as has now largely happened. If you want to live in an advanced society, you need Christianity back.

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