The reason for the Jews

A reasonable Christian perspective would be that the entire reason for the existence of the Jewish people was to provide a springboard for Christianity. A figure like Jesus needed to arise among a people with a strong monotheistic religion that had a strong moral code. They also needed to be on the edge of empires, both for their appropriate development and, when Christianity arose, to allow it to spread.

To this end God first established the Jews from nothing with Abraham, nurtured and grew the population while adding genetic diversity in Egypt, established monotheism and moral laws after the Exodus and then subjected them to a series of conditions to trim the dead wood while retaining a loyal core. With Ezra the Jews became ethno-nationalist and held together with a mixture of religion and racism. This served to retain the religion while allowing it to become hypocritical and externalised enough for Jesus to eventually distinguish himself from.

Because of the monotheism of Judaism, the identification of Jesus with God by Himself and His followers had an impact that only the identification with an all-powerful monotheistic God could have had. Because people knew of the Jews and respected their long established moral system, as well as the Jews’ location on the edge of the Greek Cultural Empire and the Roman Military Empire, this belief was transmissible to the wider world. A monotheistic God with an established moral code was crucial to the rebirth of Western Civilization after the inevitable collapse of the Roman Empire. It was really beautifully done. Nice one God.

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