Do we need the “trinity” concept?

If a triune God was a way for people who knew Jesus personally to understand the situation – the creator God (The Father) incarnated Himself in human form (The Son/Jesus) and infused Him with something called The Holy Spirit, or some scenario to that effect – then that is fine.

The problem is that some reason people want to explain the eternal God in terms of some kind of metaphor for this or otherwise describe God as being triune in some form, which there just doesn’t seem to be any logical or Biblical justification for. Typically they say the incarnation and existence of Jesus is somehow eternal without any convincing explanation, or else they go on about how we can’t mentally conceive of a triune God. Well, if we can’t conceive of it then why believe it to be the case or talk about it in the first place?

Unless and until someone can come up with a plausible explanation for the trinity and show why this is Biblical and why this is needed, I propose the concept should be shelved for Christian ministries.

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