Should Christianity have priestesses?

The short answer is “no” for the following reasons:

  1. Part of the duties of a priest is to represent God to the congregation. The Christian God is a masculine God who uses masculine iconography. It therefore does not make sense for a female to try to represent this.
  2. Part of the duties of a priest is to be a moral leader to the congregation. Females are biologically incapable of complete moral development. (See Kohlberg’s six stages of moral development).
  3. Females should not be placed in leadership positions over men. The female role is to birth and raise the next generation and for most of history they would have spent most of their lives pregnant or caring for young children or both. Therefore they have been selected to place a high value on themselves and to want to accrue as much resources and influence as possible for as little in return as possible – basically to be selfish parasites. Hence letting them have control over anything is a recipe for disaster.

It is quite simple. If one supports female priests and female leadership, one is not a Christian. In general, the notion that people are interchangeable and their biological roles don’t matter is a curse of the Satanic death cult of liberalism that must be combatted at every turn.

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