Jesus and God the Father

Jesus and God the Father

A topic that the Bible isn’t really clear on is the precise relationship between Jesus the man and the creator God. The emperor Constantine’s position on the issue was that people shouldn’t have a position on the issue, but clearly lots of people over the years seemed to think it was critically important. I don’t claim to know the answer, but this is an example of how you might make a best guess based on the information we have.

The Gospels are clear on the issue that Jesus is some kind of divine being rather than just a prophet. The Book of John is fairly explicit that He is some kind of incarnation of God. Even if we were to discount John and go by the Synoptic Gospels, God impregnates Mary somehow but doesn’t come down in human or animal form directly in the manner of Zeus and there is some suggestion that Jesus has some kind of connection to God and pre-existed his conception. Hence the interpretation that Jesus is the literal son of God would appear to not fit the information, so the Arian Heresy really is a heresy.

The best clue we have is the beginning of the book of John, where it says once there was the word and the word was with God and the word was God and the word was made flesh… The word used for “word” was the Greek word logos, which as I understand it means something like mind or plan or blueprint. So we have the always existing God, the always existing Jesus and they have this logos in common.

Perhaps we could use an analogy not available to people in the past – the software/hardware analogy. The logos is like software – the mind of God. With God the Father, this software runs on, depending on who you ask, either the entire Universe or some form of hardware outside the Universe. Jesus consisted of this same logos running on a modified human brain. Thus Jesus was not identical to God in the same way that software running on different hardware might not behave identically, but He was in a sense one and the same with God while at the same time in a sense being a kind of son of God, thus resolving the apparent contradiction.

I don’t know how literally true this is, but that is how you might make a best guess.

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