Proving God’s Existence (1) Problems

There are several unique difficulties in proving the existence of God to the satisfaction of modern people, in addition to the usual difficulties we face when trying to prove facts about things we are separate from in time or space and so can’t subject to direct analysis.

  1. Unlike much of what people believe, they will not believe in the existence of God based on some the word of authority. Modern elites find Christianity inconvenient and discourage it, so the usual trust in authority doesn’t extend to Christian authorities.
  2. People will not believe personal accounts. They respond to the untold thousands of accounts of religious experiences, often of a similar nature, by dismissing all these accounts as delusional.
  3. People will not believe their own senses. If they witness events they deem “supernatural” they will assume they are hallucinating. Seeing is not in fact believing.
  4. It is not possible to provide historical evidence of miraculous events. Historical evidence works by showing that a certain version of events is the most probable, but miraculous events are by definition among the least probable.

So where do we go from here? More about that in later posts.

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