Should Christians celebrate Christmas?

I would say yes. The two objections generally given are that December 25th isn’t really the date Jesus was born and that Christmas is derived from pagan rituals. To address these:

  1. It is probably not possible to know the actual date of the birth of Jesus at this time. If you believe the Book of Luke it probably occurred sometime in March. However, there was an eastern tradition that Jesus was conceived and died on the same calendar day, and if you work that out it puts the date around Christmas time. In any case, given we are not sure of the date, why not just pick a convenient date and celebrate it then, as we do with other holidays?
  2. Regarding the objection that Christmas is identified with pagan festivals, I would disagree with the implication that European paganism is necessarily evil. You could see European Paganism as being a necessary precursor to Christianity , with Christianity always having been destined to be a European centered religion. This explains why European pagans were very easily convertible. Moreover, many of the particular traditions associated with the pagan festivals, such as gathering with family and community, are positive.

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