Home Churches

If you have a local church to go to that hasn’t succumbed to the scourge of liberalism or some other heresy or hasn’t otherwise gone off the rails, then you are extremely lucky. If not, you might like to start or join a home church. Most of us are going to need home churches to work out how to lead a righteous life, gain mutual support in doing so, and in this atomised world just to have a positive social network.

A home church could consist of a few people who ideally meet in person, or if this is not possible over the Internet. The convenor of the church would ideally be a generally educated man with some knowledge of Christian issues. Services could follow the New Testament instructions.

According to the books of Acts and Corinthians, church is for preaching, teaching, praying and eating together. A service might begin with a prayer of some sort, the convenor could expound on a historical and/or religious topic and relate it to everyday life, there could be discussion on doctrinal matters, a video on a religious topic could be watched and discussed and a meal could be eaten. You could fit some hymn singing in somewhere if that is your thing.

This could be a springboard into making positive connections in life outside church or perhaps some sort of Internet ministry.

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