Final Version Christianity intro

Greetings and welcome to the Final Version Christianity blog. Clearly the world badly needs the return of Christianity. The evil anti-human religions that sought to replace Christianity stemming from the Enlightenment have finally run their course now that they lack the resources to prop up their dysfunctionality. We need to get back to a real religion capable of supporting a decent, sane organic society, and Christianity is the only option still standing.

There is a problem though. Mainstream Christian options are simply not up to the task. A big problem is that they have been corrupted by liberalism, both directly and due to pandering to a corrupt liberal population in order to bolster attendance. They have been bought off by various evil political factions. They were doctrinally stupid to begin with for historical reasons.

We need to establish a Final Version of Christianity that all sensible people agree on and then promoted it and the associated societal norms it implies to the world. Initially this will need to be done by small groups via home churches and the Internet. Here it begins.

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